Engineered Oak – Byron Hinterland

This renovation at Dunoon in the Byron Hinterland, is a great example of how engineered timber flooring can completely transform a home.

An engineered Ebony Oak was selected from the Prestige Oak Range, to compliment the exposed timber rafters and architraves. The before-and-after images are dramatic, illustrating the degree of preparation that was necessary to bring the substrate within the tolerances required for the installation of engineered flooring.

Most manufacturers require that irregularities in the subfloor  not exceed 3 mm in every 3 meters, in all directions. This ensures that the floor is quiet underfoot, and that the mechanisms used to lock the boards together do not come apart or are damaged, due to too much vertical movement (‘Spring’)  when subjected to foot traffic.

If you love the look of fine oak flooring then Prestige Oak Flooring is the natural choice. Sharing the unrivalled beauty and character of traditional European Oaks with durability and strength. Prestige Oak Flooring is the preferred choice of leading architects and designers.