Homes with carpets are cooler in summer, warmer in winter and much quieter – now that’s comfort. Experience the feeling of warmth and inclusion with a soft cushioning carpet underfoot from Alstonville Tiles & Floorcoverings.

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eco+® Triextra Carpet.

Inspirational & Unwind eco+® Triextra Carpets.

Forever soft and durable with lifetime stain resistance… and it’s soft on the environment as well!

Enjoy your home worry free on an Australian-made eco+®carpet that cleans with just cold water.

With guaranteed stain protection from household spills and pet mishaps, a beautiful new eco+® carpet means less time spent cleaning and more time doing the things you love.

  • Cleans with just cold water: All you need is cold water to remove the most stubborn household food and beverage spills^ – even red wine and cordial.
  • Latest fibre innovation: eco+® carpet is made from triexta, a new classification of carpet fibre.
  • Exceptionally durable: With a ‘kinked’ molecular structure, triexta fibres are resilient to resist wear, crushing and matting, so your carpet will look great for years to come.
  • Soft to Touch® technology: eco+® triexta fibres contain more individual filaments for an exceptionally soft feel that your toes will adore.
  • Soft on the environment: The triexta fibres in eco+® carpet are made from Sorona® renewably sourced™ polymer, which places less reliance on non-renewable resources*.

Australian made and guaranteed: With over 150 years manufacturing experience, Godfrey Hirst eco+® carpet is Australian made and guaranteed, with after sales support you can count on.


eco+® Triextra Carpet                 

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Dunlop Flooring

Dunlop Flooring is the Australian market leader in carpet underlay solutions, and have over 40 years’ experience improving flooring performance, Dunlop believe that beautiful floors are the heart of any home


Feltex Carpets

Feltex, Redbook Carpets are easy to care for and great to live on. With practicality, colour, warmth, comfort, stain protection and style at the forefront of their designs, Redbook carpets are the ideal choice for family homes. If you’re considering installing new carpet in Ballina, Byron Bay or Lismore, speak to Alstonville Tiles & Floorcoverings about the Feltex – Redbook Carpet Collection today.


Godfrey Hirst

Godfrey Hirst is the market leader for high performance, quality carpet in Australia. Their versatile collection means you’ll always be able to find the right carpet to suit your needs.


Signature Floors

Signature Floors is committed to delivering the best flooring innovations and quality the world can offer. Signature supply quality sheet vinyl, vinyl planks, Needle punch carpets, Axminster, modular carpet tiles and broadloom wall to wall carpet products, and provide the highest levels of customer service.


Tuftmaster Carpets

Luxury, style, comfort and practicality are just a few attributes that perfectly describe Tuftmaster Carpets. Designed with you in mind, their large range of floor coverings cater to both commercial and residential properties. From carpets specifically designed to withstand high-traffic areas, to soft, stylish options for the home, Tuftmaster has the right carpet for your next project.