Engineered Oak Flooring

If you love the look of fine oak flooring then Prestige Oak Flooring is the natural choice. Sharing the unrivalled beauty and character of traditional European Oaks with durability and strength. Prestige Oak Flooring is the preferred choice of leading architects and designers.

Available in either a Click-Together, 15mm thick, 190mm x 1900mm x 4mm wear-layer version, or 12mm thick, 160mm x 1900mm x 3mm wear layer, and  21mm thick, 220mm x 2200mm x 6mm wear-layer Tongue and Groove versions, for ultimate stability and quietness underfoot, in selected colours.

Note:  Cartons contain set length including Nested short planks.

This collection is made from only the finest French Oak, a true masterpiece. If you want the best… you just found it!









Pronto engineered oak ready-to-go planks from Preference Floors, are manufactured from a rustic grade of sustainable European Oak, combining a 2.5 mm solid Oak wear layer engineered onto an 11mm, three layer substrate. This trusted method of construction provides a long wearing, stable and durable floor with a finished thickness of 13.5mm. Perfectly suited for multi residential, residential and commercial installations.

Pronto is European Oak utilising a Valinge 5g Click system for quick and easy installation and superior stability. Pronto Flooring is a 190mm x 1820 x 13.5 mm board which includes 2.5mm Solid Oak wear layer.

Pronto is manufactured from A, B, C, and D Rustic-Grade boards, containing knots and split defects that are filled and patched to compliment surface colour and character. This allows for other rustic features such sapwood, raised grain, along with colour variation to enhance rustic character.

Visual appearance will suit those seeking a heavily featured rustic grade for their installations. Pronto is pre-finished using a European Polyurethane Matte coating, along with a light wire brushing of the surface.






Colour: Regal Oak