Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl offers a highly resilient, hygienic and attractive floor covering solution for any home. Available in continuous sheets up to 4 meters wide or in modular Plank and Tile formats, vinyl has experienced  a resurgence in the market place over the past few years. – Forget your ‘Grandma’s old Linoleum floor, advances in digital photographic technology and manufacturing processes have transformed vinyl into a modern, versatile product suitable for almost any flooring application.

General Guide to Vinyl Floor Coverings

The following information should be viewed as general in nature, and specific advice should be sought from manufacturers, installers and experienced professionals, for individual situations. Vinyl flooring encompasses a diverse range of product types, each with their own individual installation methodologies, and applications. Vinyl floor coverings are highly resilient and hard wearing, they provide a... View Article

Cleaning and Maintenance of Vinyl Floor Coverings

The following maintenance instructions should be followed to maintain the long-term appearance of your vinyl floor covering. INITIAL PROCEDURE Once the installation is complete, do not traffic for 24 hours until the adhesive has dried. Remove all loose debris and ensure that all traces of dried adhesive are removed from the surface of the floor... View Article