Carpet has become synonymous with comfort and warmth; it is relatively inexpensive and can be installed quickly, with a minimum of disruption. Carpet is manufactured from both natural and man-made fibres with differing pile types and weights, all of which affects how the carpet will perform, and its suitability for different situations. Many of the articles below are provided from the Carpet Institute of Australia as a guide to explain carpet classification, maintenance requirements, and commonly encountered issues associated with the purchase and installation of carpet. This is intended to provide a potential buyer with the information required to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Carpet Technical Information

Click on the links below to view or download the respective PDF technical information documentation. Carpet Technical Information The documents below discuss some of the technical characteristics and performance results for various carpet types.   Carpet Acoustic Comfort   Carpet Light Reflectance   Carpet Thermal Insulation   Fire Safety Regulations for Floor Coverings Carpet &... View Article

Common Carpet Issues Explained

The following PDF documents are available to view or download, explaining some of the more common carpet manufacturing and installation issues.   Carpet Bow, Skew & Trueness of Edge   Carpet Installation – Seam Peaking   Carpet Pattern Matching Advisory Notice   Carpet Permanent Shading Pile Reversal   View Article

The Australian Carpet Classification Scheme

An explanation of the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme and others, which is intended to help the potential purchaser gauge which product is best suited for their individual needs. Click on the links below to view or download the respective articles.   Carpet Environmental Certification Scheme   The Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) GUIDE   The... View Article

General Carpet Guides

The following resource contains information regarding the benefits of carpet as a floor covering, along with guides to carpet characteristics and styles.   Carpet Characteristics   Carpets – Value for Money   Guide For Buying Carpet   Guide to Carpet Styles   View Article

Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Carpet

General Tips and Information on Cleaning and Caring for Carpet Regular Vacuuming Once your carpet is installed, vacuum lightly and frequently in the first week to remove surface lint, dust and fluff. Continue to vacuum at least weekly to remove soil and grit. The quick removal of soil will reduce abrasive forces on the pile... View Article