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The Dangers of Employing Unlicensed Tradesmen

The unlicensed tradesman may be very capable of performing the job he is tasked with, and he may have references from past jobs that are very positive; however this person has not shown a commitment to study or to pay the costs required to be licensed. This may be evidence that their work ethic is... View Article

Residential Asbestos Checklist

This Asbestos Checklist has been kindly provided by The Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) and is intended primarily for use by floor covering installers and floor sanders. The biggest area of concern for flooring contractors is older vinyl floor tiles, especially where the home was constructed prior to 1987… these may be asbestos backed… remember... View Article

Slip Resistance Specification and Testing

Standards Australia Slip Resistance Handbooks Standards Australia & CSIRO Handbook HB 197 An Introductory Guide to the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surface Materials is seen as best practice for satisfying the slip resistance requirements of new floor surfaces. The handbook provides general commentary on the slip resistance test methods, classification, basis for specification and guidance... View Article

Slip Resistance Ratings For Residential Buildings

Australian Standards only mandate slip resistance rated flooring in a limited number of residential situations and outline the slip resistance assessments that should be undertaken for those that are considering using such products in their home. The Australian Building Code and Australian Standards mandate slip rated flooring in residential buildings only in the following areas:... View Article

Industry & Supplier Links

Links to selected industry and supplier websites can be found below in alphabetical order. ACT Australia ART Australia ATFA – Australian Timber Flooring Association Australian Tile Council Inc. Carpet Institute of Australia Construction Chemicals Craftstone DécoR Stone DIY Tiles Dry-Treat DTA – Tiling Tools & Accessories Dunlop Flooring Ezarri Glass Mosaics Tiles Feltex Carpets Flooring... View Article