Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of todays most varied and innovative floor coverings!

Dispense with any preconceptions that you may be harbouring, based on your grandma’s old linoleum floor…modern vinyl flooring is amongst the most beautiful and practical floor covering solutions your money can buy!

Benefits of vinyl flooring:

  • True-to-nature appearance.
  • Water-resistant, meaning it can be used in high-humidity rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be manufactured with embossed or textured surfaces to provide slip resistance and added realism.
  • High level of wear resistance and easy to maintain.
  • Pleasant, soft walking sound
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and cooling.
  • Ultra-low emissions of volatile organic compounds help make for a healthy indoor environment.

Alstonville Tiles & Floorcoverings have an extensive range of domestic and commercial vinyl products on display from leading manufactures such as Signature Floors, Polyflor, Preference Floors, Novilon® Flex and Godfrey Hirst

Luxury 5mm Vinyl Planks

Luxury Vinyl planks are typically 5 mm in thickness and provide a slightly softer feeling floor underfoot, compared to that of their direct-stick counterparts. As you would expect, the Luxury Vinyl Plank is a more expensive vinyl product, however its added thickness makes it slightly more forgiving to install than direct-stick vinyl.  This generally results... View Article

Direct-Stick 2mm-3mm Vinyl Plank & Vinyl Tile

Ideal for all internal areas of the home and even for medium and heavy duty commercial situations, vinyl tiles and planks offer the highest degree of performance and practicality possible, along with optimal style and choice of colours. Using the latest digital photographic technology vinyl planks and tiles provide the appearance of natural timber and... View Article

HYBRID Click-Together Vinyl Plank

Click-Together Vinyl Planks can be installed over virtually any flat, dry substrate! Patented click systems ensure quick and easy glue-less installation, making it an ideal choice for the D.I.Y.  renovation market. Click-Together products such as our Aspire range, use photo-realistic images to produce high definition reproductions of classic hardwood floors. The natural timber texture is... View Article

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl is perhaps the most economical form of vinyl floor covering and is available for both domestic and commercial situations. Sheet vinyl is often available in different width rolls to help minimize wastage, and is generally glued down, however some textile backed or ‘Cushioned’ vinyl can be ‘Loose laid’ in domestic situations. SIGNATURE FLOORS... View Article