In/Out Floor Tiles

What are In/Out tiles?

Commonly used terms for these products are ‘In/Out,’ ‘Smooth-Grip’ or ‘Microtec.’
In/Out finish floor tiles, as the name suggests, are manufactured to be suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications. They are smooth to touch, but have slip resistant qualities when wet, achieving slip resistant ratings of at least P3.


During the manufacturing process, finely ground micro abrasives are added to the inks sprayed on to the tile surface that we see as the ‘print’ or ‘pattern,’ prior to kiln firing, producing a durable slip resistant surface that will last the life of the tile.

With a slip resistant surface that is activated by water, it raises an important question…

How do you clean them?

We have identified the following methods described below, as being the most effective:

The most common issue to be aware of is ‘Grout Haze.’

Grout Haze is a chalky film left behind on the surface of the tile after the grouting process. A wet sponge will remove the bulk of the grout from the tile surface initially, but often fine cement deposits are left behind to dry on the tile surface, which water alone cannot remove.
This haze is often not noticed initially, as it cannot be easily seen whilst the tiles are wet, so when the floor is cleaned, it will appear fine until the surface dries when it may take on a ‘patchy’ appearance. It can be especially difficult to detect when the selected grout colour matches that of the tile.
If the grout haze is not removed, it will cause dust and dirt to build up on the tile surface that will prove extremely difficult to clean off.

Slip-resistant tiles have a higher risk of grout haze than a tile with a smooth or shiny surface, which means it is also likely to occur with In/Out finish tiles. It is suggested that a grout haze removal be performed on newly installed In/Out tiles whether grout haze has been identified or not, to ensure a thorough initial clean.

The removal of grout haze can be simply achieved by using a Phosphoric acid cleaner such as Kemclean, from Dribond Construction Chemicals. Kemclean is a safe and effective product for this task, provided the manufacturer’s instructions are followed carefully. Kemclean can be purchased from Alstonville Tiles & Floorcoverings and is available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre containers.

Please read the Kemclean data sheet for important instructions on how to use the product safely and effectively.

Please note that Phosphoric acid cleaners need to be thoroughly rinsed off with clean water after use.


Once the remaining grout-haze residue has been eliminated, regular cleaning can be performed routinely using the following method:

Step 1.

Vacuum or sweep the area clean of loose dust, dirt, and debris.

Step 2.

Mix a solution of warm water and a PH neutral floor cleaner, for example Pureflor Organic Hard Surface Cleaner, and apply using a microfibre mop.

Step 3.

After mopping the whole area, rinse the mop with clean water. Fill a clean bucket with fresh water (do not add cleaner) and, with a clean mop, mop over the area again to remove any residual dirt that has been lifted by the cleaning solution.

Step 4.

Allow to air dry or use a clean towel or dry microfibre mop to remove water from the tile surface.

If stubborn stains persist, use a soft bristle broom or mild scouring pad (like a Doodlebug) during step 2.


In summary, In/Out tiles are slip resistant tiles and should be treated as such. Thorough initial cleaning should be performed to remove any potential grout haze, which will in turn make routine cleaning easier and more effective.

Before purchasing your new In/Out tiles, please keep the above information in mind.